Want a Torrent Cache Server For ISP?


Save upto 45% of Torrent p2p traffic
High Speed Download

Cached content in the PeerGet server will give your client a super fast download experience. Your Client can download the content upto 400mbps of speed. Download speed depend on your network infrastructure.

Local Torrent Search Engine

Provide a local torrent cached search engine to your user. Search engine can search the torrent file cached in the PeerGet Server or torrent available in the local network. Search engine will be accessible to local network only.

Scalable Cache Storage

PeerGet is completely scalable you can add multiple hard disks as well as multiple servers to scale up your network. Single server can cache upto 16TB of data. Adding more server can gives you more cost saving on traffic.

PeerGet’s Features

PeerGet is a enterprise class torrent cache server for internet service provider. PeerGet work like web cache software for example squid. When someone download a new torrent its keep a copy in PeerGet server also and whenever some download the same torrent its delivered from PeerGet server and user experience a high speed download as its delivered from the local server. Normally Torrents consume 30 to 70% of upstream bandwidth and 35% of same torrent content is downloaded by the clients in a network which is biggest expense of costly internet of service provider. PeerGet helps ISP’s to save upto 30-50% internet bandwidth. It also provide a high speed internet download experience to the user..

Bandwidth Cost Saving

We can assure you that PeerGet will save lots of wan bandwidth per month so you will save lots of money also.

Traffic In/Out Graph

PeerGet MRTG Graph will provide you a full bandwidth Statistics on inbound and outbound traffic of server.

Multiple Torrent Engine

Single torrent cache engine cannot give you high performance so we have developed multiple engine in server.

Advanced Storage

We avoid RAID 0 to prevent data recovery headache. We used independent hard drive and for scalability and better performance..

Load Balancing & Sharing

Our System can be configured both Load Balancing & load Sharing mode. You can configure PeerGet as per your requirement.

Server Load Statistics

You can monitor system load Statistics in details like CPU usage, memory usage and single or Multiple hard drive usage from control panel.

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